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1 Name
2 Company Name
3 Email
4 Application
5 Scope Design request  Interchange for existing bearing
6 Axis of rotation Vertical                    Horizontal
7 Temperature range MIN    MAX
8 Lubrication Oil bath  Grease
9 Slewing Gear data External  Internal  Gearless
Tooth form
Pressure angle
Number of teeth
Addendum mod
10 Pinion Gear data
Number of pinion gears
Number of teeth
Addendum mod
Center distance :      Adjustable  Fixed
11 Mounting hole data
  Outer ring Inner ring
Hole Size
Hole Quantity
Hole P.C.D
Hole type Through Through
Tapped through Tapped through
Tapped blind Tapped blind
C'bore C'bore
12 Load condition  
Load Case Bearing loads Speed Pinion gear torque
kgf-m, kNm
of time
Axial load
kgf, kN
Radial load
kgf, kN
Moment load
kgf-m, kNm
Mean Max
Extreme load - - -
Operating load1
Operating load2
Operating load3
Operating load4
12.1 Safety factor Safety factor included in the above loads?
Yes (Safety factor : )      No
12.2 Rotation   Intermittent
  Continuous without interruption
  Oscillating (Amplitude of oscillation :  degree)
12.3 Required life Hours :  hours      Revolution :  revolution
13 Comment
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